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Posted By: admin Posted In: Ideas & Inspirations Date Posted: April 21st, 2011 Comments: 0
Mirror TV Kitchen concept from Ad Notam

Here’s an concept kitchen design using an Ad Notam Mirror TV

Put a Mirror TV in Your Kitchen

If you plan on designing a custom-built kitchen, why not let us add some wow factor. The creative use of Mirror TVs is endless. The most common use of this latest technology is in the bathroom. You may have seen it if you’ve visited a high-end hotel recently. But why stop there. You can take advantage of the technology in almost any room in the house. By integrating a Mirror TV into your kitchen decor, you can watch a recording of your favorite cooking show without cluttering up your space.

Let us advise on and install the perfect Mirror TV to both compliment and enhance your kitchen aesthetic. Design it into your cabinetry, use it as your backsplash, add it to a half wall, or simply add it to your wall to make a small space feel bigger. The latest in Mirror TVs gives you perfectly reflected mirrored glass when off, and a sharp high definition video projected image when turned on. The perfect compliment to any decor.