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Posted By: admin Posted In: Date Posted: April 28th, 2011
Ad Notam

Featuring the best full high definition resolution, fully customizable Mirror TVs on the market.

New Living Line

The ad notam® LCD Active Matrix offers the best picture quality, which combined with MAGIC MIRROR® completely disappears when turned off. Whether recessed into the wall, or hanged as a picture, the crisp and cool design of NEW LIVINGTM LINE offers not only a modern and elegant alternative to large-size flat screen TVs, but also a sophisticated decorative addition to any environment. This line is available in several mirror dimensions with a 32″, 37″, 46″, 65″, or 82″ ad notam LCD.


    Bathroom Line

    The MARBLE TVTM LINE by ad notam® redefines the bathroom wall. It offers a complete solution for your bathroom environment, with a fully integrated TV and invisible loudspeaker system. Receded into the wall and leveled with the bathroom tiles, this line is custom engineered for the harsh and damp bathroom environment.


      Bedroom Line

      Experience the perfect fusion of high-end TV technology and functional elegant design engineered to satisfy both technology enthusiasts and the ones that prefer their bedroom calm and chic. The BEDROOM TVTM LINE features chic glass and remarkable picture area. It is the most versatile plug-and-play mirror TV in the market today designed to facilitate your life with integrated power and lighting control.