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Simplify your life. Control you whole house video, audio and home theater with the touch of a button.

Vantage Keypads

Vantage keypads are the ultimate blend of form and function. These luxury devices combine clean, contemporary aesthetics and traditional elegance to create unique set of style choices perfect for any home.


Vantage Touchscreens

Vantage touchscreens provide completely customized control of your Vantage system from anywhere in your home. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, as well as in in-wall or web tablet models, they offer convenient, intuitive access to whole house lighting, audio, home theater, energy management, and comfort systems.


Vantage Mobile

Accessing your Vantage system on-the-go is as simple as using your smart phone. Vantage provides mobile access solutions for all smart phones, as well as a dedicated application for iPhones and iPads.