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iDock for your iPad

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Posted By: admin Posted In: Product of the Month Date Posted: April 21st, 2011 Comments: 0
iRoom's iDock for your iPad

Keep your iPad in a versatile place where you can control your smart home and also take it with you wherever you go.

iRoom has created a beautiful iDock for you iPad

… and iLoveIt! Forget about dropping your iPad on your kitchen counter to recharge. Take advantage of this great new product from iRoom that gives your iPad a built-in home, and easily let’s your slide it out on your way to the office. Set it up with Vantage Controls and control the settings of your multiroom audio, automatic climate control, multiroom video, automated lighting and more.

We can install one or more of these handy units into your automated smart home to give it that little extra organization and utility. Once you get to using it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Our expert technicians can add this to your smart home design and even program your iPad App to work with any of our Artistic Smart Home installations. Feel free to stop by our showroom to try it out. You won’t want to leave without one.